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Plastic Crusher
  • Plastic film crusher
    Plastic Film Crusher

    Plastic crusher is specially designed for crushing PE PP film, such as PE agriculture film, PE PP waste bags, ton bag, woven bags, waste industry film and so on. Arc knife structure and strip screen design make material not winding on the blade, as well mesh screen, thus there will be no plugging during machine working.

  • PET bottle crusher
    PET Bottle Crusher

    Plastic bottle crusher is specially designed for crushing various plastic material (PET/PE/PP/PVC) bottles, such as coca cola bottles, purified water bottles, spring water bottles, milk bottles and so on.

  • pe film crusher with friction washer
    PE Film Crusher with Friction Washer

    The Crusher is applied for Jumbo bag, Agricultural film, Non-woven bag, PP/PE Shopping bag, industrial waste film, packing film, wrapped film etc.
    PE film crusher with friction washer especially designs for Waste film Crushing, feeding smoothly, working stable, low energy cost and low noise. Wet crusher improves the efficient of Film scrap pre-washing by water wallop, water-cooling will reduce friction heat, low down the powder and strengthen the working life of Crusher blades.

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