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Pe Film Recycling machine/PE PP Films Crusher

Pe Film Recycling machine/PE PP Films Crusher is specially designed for crushing PE PP film,such as PE agriculture film,PE PP waste bags,ton bag,woven bags, waste industry film and so on.Arc knife structure and strip screen design make material not winding on the blade, as well mesh screen,thus there will be no plugging during machine working.
The output of LIANDA PE PP films crusher is 300kg/h -1500kg/h.We design and manufacture PE PP film crusher based on every customer’s requirement.

Film Recycling Line

Pe Film Recycling machine

PE PP Films Crusher through the motor to drive a high-speed rotation of the cutter,the knife in the process of high-speed rotation with the fixed knife to form the relative movement of the trend of the use of knives and knives formed between the gap caused by film cutting shear incision to large Block plastic broken,broken plastic screen through the film particle size of the filter output.

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