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Pe Film Recycling Line

1,Pe Film Recycling Line is used to crush,clean,dehydration,dry PP / PE film,PP woven bags.
2,Pe Film Recycling Line has the advantages of simple structure,easy operation,large capacity,low energy consumption,safety,reliability, etc.
3,The entire production line is fully automatic control,compact structure,high production efficiency and beautiful clean.

Film Recycling Line

Pe Film Recycling Line

4,The production line is dedicated to the PE / PP film,PP woven bags broken,cleaning,drying production line,it can easily clean waste plastic woven bags, dirty agricultural film, waste packaging materials and hard plastic.
5,The production line for cleaning and recycling PE / PP film,PP woven bags.(PP / PP) film, PP woven bag granular material,used in the production of new PE, PP film and so on.It can be used in the production of PE / PP film.

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